28 Thoughtful Gifts for Memory Care Patients

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  1. Memory Corded Phone - A hands-free dial photo memory phone with large buttons and flashing alerts, designed for individuals with memory care needs.
  2. HiFi MP3 Player - This portable music player supports high-resolution audio and comes with a 64GB memory card, perfect for audiophiles.
  3. Voice Recordable Photo Album - A deluxe voice recordable photo album that allows you to create a personalized memory book.
  4. Bristle Blocks Building Blocks - A set of building blocks designed for kids, offering endless construction possibilities.
  5. World Series Film Collection - A great gift for baseball enthusiasts, featuring official World Series films from various years.
  6. Fidget Blanket for Memory Loss - A comforting fidget blanket designed to provide sensory stimulation for individuals with memory loss and dementia.
  7. TANGLE Fidget Toy Set - A set of three fidget toys to help promote focus and relaxation for individuals with memory care needs.
  8. Day of The Week Wall Clock - A helpful wall clock that clearly displays the day of the week, perfect for individuals with memory care needs.
  9. Echo Show 5 with Alexa and Camera - A smart display with Alexa and a camera, perfect for video calls and controlling smart home devices.
  10. Big Button TV Remote - An easy-to-use, backlit TV remote designed for seniors and individuals with visual impairments.
  11. Fun and Easy Memory Activity Book - A great way to engage memory care patients with relaxing activities and brain games.
  12. Picture Book of Horses - A beautiful and engaging picture book designed to evoke positive memories and spark conversation for individuals with dementia.
  13. Painting Activities for Seniors - Engage seniors with these water painting toys, designed to evoke farm memories and provide a creative outlet.
  14. Spiky Massage Ball - A therapeutic tool for memory care patients to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.
  15. Ring Alarm Home Security System - Keep your loved ones safe with this 14-piece home security system and a 30-day free Ring Protect Pro subscription.
  16. Word Searches for Memory Problems - Specifically designed for those with memory problems, these word searches provide mental stimulation and entertainment.
  17. Fitbit Sense Smartwatch - This advanced smartwatch provides tools for heart health, stress management, and tracks skin temperature trends, making it a valuable health companion.
  18. Weighted Blanket - Providing comfort and relaxation, this weighted blanket is designed to help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.
  19. Medical Alert ID Bracelet - A discreet and practical medical alert bracelet with an integrated USB, providing essential medical information in case of emergencies.
  20. Textured Sensory Fidget Toy - A tactile and calming toy designed to provide sensory stimulation and reduce anxiety for memory care patients.
  21. Digital Calendar Clock - This large-screen display digital calendar clock with multiple alarms is designed for seniors and the elderly, offering clear visibility and simplicity.
  22. Brain Games for Seniors - Keep the mind sharp and engaged with over 210 brain games tailored for seniors, featuring large print and solutions for easy use.
  23. Vintage Night Light - This vintage-style night light adds a touch of warmth and nostalgia to any room, providing a comforting and gentle glow during the night.
  24. Simple Portable FM Radio and MP3 Player - Designed for easy use by seniors, this portable radio and MP3 player features large buttons and a straightforward design.
  25. Home Monitoring HD Camera - A smart and reliable home monitoring camera with motion detection, night light, and two-way talk, ideal for senior care and peace of mind.
  26. Monthly Medication Organizer with Reminder Clock - An essential tool for managing medications, this organizer includes a reminder clock for ease and peace of mind.
  27. Picture Book of Flowers for Seniors - A beautiful and calming picture book tailored for Alzheimer's patients and seniors with dementia, providing a soothing and engaging activity.
  28. Key Finder - A practical and useful gift for memory care patients, this key finder helps locate misplaced items with ease, making daily routines simpler.